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Default Greg's bulking journal

Hi guys, considering everyone else is keeping track of their progress on here i thought i'd give it a go.
bit of background; im an ectomorph as you'll see from my stats below. I started bulking over a year and a half ago but due to an ACL tear (football/soocer) i have been out for over a year and lost all of my gains. I started back at the gym 2 months ago and in that time have made excellent progress.

7th June 09 ---- 7th Aug 09

height 5' 11''
Weight 9st 10lbs (136lbs) ---- 10st 8lbs (148lbs)
Waist 31'' ---- 31.7"
Chest 37.25'' ---- 39.8"
Biceps 12.6'' ---- 13.7''
Thighs 19.0'' ---- 20.3''
Calves 12.4'' ---- 12.8"


-keep gaining atleast 1lb a week but as lean as possible. im lucky that i dont store bodyfat easily (currently at 7% bf)
-prioritise legs as these are my weak point
-set short term targets, my first being to reach 11st (154lbs) by my birthday which is sept 30th.
-increase strength and mass by mixing up my workouts using heavy and lighter routines.


-whey protein
-creatine mono
-BCAA's with beta alanine and citrulline malate
-omega 3-6-9's
-cod liver oil

Ive been using klosey's beginners guide for the first 8 weeks of being back and im now starting to use workouts from this site to target specific areas, im a big fan of supersets and i also tend to do between 6-12 sets per bodypart in any workout, with the exception of calves as i am trying out DC training to see if that works as my calves have been very stubborn so far.
wish me luck.
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