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Originally Posted by Calvin View Post
Has anything come out of this recently? I'd be very interested in finding out, because I think I am very insulin resistant-- I can pack on belly fat very quickly (currently 210lbs, 21%BF). I had a lot of success about 2 years ago doing the anabolic diet (journal was on here somewhere). I'm overseas again and hitting it hard, and I'm trying the anabolic diet again-- maybe it works for me since I'm more insulin resistent?

I'm looking at doing malto/dextrose in the PWO shake, because I think I might be able to take advantage of the insulin response most people get on a normal diet-the only carbs I have during the week are found in brocoli and fibrous veggies, so that one hit of "sugar" might get my body to respond correctly??

Anyway, Looking forward to any progress!
I'm trying to put together a plan combining many ideas I've had. I'll start in one week as soon as I get it done and get my supplements. I'll try making a log here so watch for it =)
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