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For myself i think; it's many things indeed.

For Manhood, greater self - confidence, more meaning to myself, the concept of fulfilling and forever being in an aspirational frame of mind, not Ambitious you understand, but pure aspiration: An ongoing charm of will and determination to become whatever it is, that your most deepest concern desires!
And for my part, i feel the condition at which these attributes become motives are all but constantly changing.
Yet when the oldest and most significant motives once more are remembered;

'Stronger becomes the aspiration toward the achievement of greater dexterity about all things.'

I think that's my motivation; or perhaps i was writing as i was thinking.

Still, thanks for reading and Godbless.


I am strong, bold, deep and unqeustionably nurtured by passion in mind for eternal brilliance, because i know of nothing greater allowing me to succeed.

Christian A. Bromilow 2009. Speaking on Motivation.
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