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Default Why Do You Work Out?

I've been very interested in the psychology of body building for quite some time, but I don't have the qualifications and stuff. I just find it very interesting and even just observing my own behavior in terms of motivation ec. has been a learning experience.

There was a time when I could barely keep myself out of the gym for more than a day. it became sort of an addiction and it was like I was addicted to "that feeling" you get after a good workout.

Then a time came when a lot of stuff happened in my life and finding the motivation to go to the gym was a real challenge.

I just could not really find a good balance. At the moment I seem to be in a good place in terms of motivation and I can pretty much motivate myself at will.

I think the main "driving force" has been finding a real compelling goal. The times when it was hard to keep and get myself motivated has just been me fluffing around in the gym without any clear goals.
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