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7/25/09 1st Strongman Competition

Considering, I decided to do this show a few days ago I really couldn't expect much as I was not very prepared. This was the show of the medley lol unfortunately for me I never did a medley before. 3 of the 5 events were. I never touched more than half of the implements before and I know I can only get better with practice.

1st event- 210 atlas stone/200 keg/200 tire/200 pipe carry. (50 feet each) I got the stone, keg, and tire, and ran out of gas and time on the pipe. My hamstrings were on fire like never before. Not a good start.

2nd event- 180 log/200 axle/ 130 keg/230 log
Got up to 230 log. Made the clean missed the press.

3rd Event Last man standing DL-
Made 405, 455, 500, 550, missed 585 right below knees. This was the highlight of my day lol I tied for the win at LW.

4th Event 500 Yoke (50ft), 500x3 tire, anchor pull 500lbs (50ft).
Got about 25 ft with the anchor ans ran out of time. I wore the wrong shoes and could get no grip and did not realized I should have rowed it.

5th Event 300lb atlas stone for reps over 48 inch.
Yeah right lol. I got it about 1 inch off the floor. I never touched a stone near this size.

I have more videos but youtube is taking forever right now. I learned more about strongman today then I did in the last year. Prior today I never touched a keg, yoke, tire, anchor, pipe carry. I can only get better and I will. I had a blast though and will certainly do it again and everyone was real cool.
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