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Originally Posted by encinoman View Post
To answer your questions, Im very far from my goals. I've looked the same - same weight / muscle mass - for the last 3 years....SOOO frustrating. I want to cut but not lose muscle (isnt that everyone's goal? ha)
You might want to look into carb refeeds and the like. My hunch is that like most people you've probably just cut calories with reckless abandon, which only works for so long. Basically it's a similar concept as in the 13-week Diet where you have certain days you eat more, then a week of higher calories. This stuff helps keep your metabolism from doing a nosedive, resets your hormones (so they do not shut your metabolism down or cause bad things to happen from a dietary standpoint), basically keeps things going in the right direction. If my hunch is wrong, feel free to ignore the above.

I cant tell you all how thankful I am to have your input. I just finished reading through the 13-week diet / training program and I'm interested in doing it....I also read some threads of other members who have done it and swear by it.
Give it a shot. It seems sound, and if it works for you it's the right diet for you.

The hardest thing for me is that I work long hours and have a very active social life, so I am going to have to find 1.5 hours to devote to my regiment.
Well, we all have those issues. However, for your cardio days, there are shorter things you can do. That's why I like Rosstraining, doing 50 or 100 Burpees in as short a time as you can doesn't take long but it trashes you and gets the metabolism running. Get your friends involved. Having a lifting partner can be a positive thing. Do active things; don't just go out for a pitcher of beer, play basketball, join a dojo, find whatever is fun for you and make it a part of your life.

Also, the diet seems to be strict, yet incorporate a lot of complex carbs.....I remember a friend of mine who cut out all carbs and had a strict workout regiment for 3 months and he got really cut.
Those diets will work too. The thing is, you have to have a clear cut plan and you have to stick with it. If you want to do a Protein Sparing Modified Fast with carb refeeding days, go for it. If you want to do the 13-week Diet, go for it. If you want to try the 13-week Diet then switch to the PSMF diet then dabble in the Atkins then go Ketogenic then go to a high-carb diet without sticking to one to make it work for you, I'll bet you a Coke that it doesn't work so hot. Flexibility is a good thing, but bouncing between multiple diets on a whim is not. So just pick the one that seems best for you, and as long as it's a good dietary plan and you stick to it (modifying it when and as needed) you should do fine.

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