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Short version:

I think Lyle's recommendations of cutting down to 10% body fat then bulking up until you get to about 15% body fat (on something like Starting Strength) is a nice long-term plan.

Longer version/rationale:

Originally Posted by encinoman View Post
Dear All,

I posted a couple years ago about being stuck at 12% body fat...Here I sit (almost 2 years later) with the same problem. I am unable to get my body to my desired goal of being lean. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?!?!?!

I'm getting VERY discouraged and becoming less and less motivated to work out when I'm not seeing any gains. I've been 5'9" 170lbs. I've got a solid build, some muscle definition but not cut.
Two questions:

1) Have you been stuck at the same weight for two years?

2) What are your goals? Just to be lean, or be bigger/stronger and lean?

1.) I hate cardio (I find it REALLY boring)... how often do I have to do it? what, run, stairs? Low intensity or HIIT?
Find something you find fun. May I suggest:

2.) I need new lifting advice...I've done high reps, then low reps, then circut training, then even a MMA workout suggested by Mens Fitness and nothing seemed to work. WHAT IS EVERYONE ELSE DOING THAT WORKS???
Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength. However . . . You need to find a good program and stick with it. Again, VERY goal orientated. If you're trying to get bigger & stronger, Check out Rippetoe's Starting Strength. If you're trying to get leaner, it's mainly in the kitchen, hence the Lyle McDonald link at the beginning (he writes diet books with sample workouts).

3.) How do I combine 1 & 2? When should I be focusing on cardio (aerobic) vs. lifting (anaerobic) or Cutting vs. Strength Training
I think Lyle's got that covered.

One thing, if you're at 12% body fat, that's not exactly fat. How far are you from your goals?

4.) Diet help. I eat healthy...but not very regulated...based on what other people have said to me I dont eat enough. Currently I have 4 small meals a day + 1 protein shake post workout. PLEASE HELP, WHAT SHOULD I BE EATING AND HOW OFTEN
That's something you have to kind of work out on your end, however it's also based on your plan. Are you working on getting stronger or getting leaner? Generally speaking, you can't work on both at the same time or else everybody would be on the Arnold Schwarzenegger diet to drop down to 5% body fat while training to deadlift a boxcar.

5.) How bad is alcohol? Coffee? what should I be watching out for that could disrupt my fitness quest?
Alcohol? Depends. If you're trying to cut fat, already down to 12%, and been at 170 lbs. for two years, maybe dropping it (at least for a while, in whole or for the majority of the time) isn't such a bad idea. Coffee? Coffee's good for you generally speaking. Really, I think it's mainly calories. Get your calories and nutrition in order, eat a lot of whole foods. try to stick to things like meat, vegetables, enough dairy so you aren't getting osteoporosis, and avoid simple man made carbs most of the time, but mostly getting the right amount of calories for your program.

So I'd ask Lyle for a diet recommendation based on your goals and where you're at, then do Starting Strength when you are in a strength-gaining program.

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