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Originally Posted by encinoman View Post
Let me break it down for you all, honestly:

1.) I hate cardio (I find it REALLY boring)... how often do I have to do it? what, run, stairs? Low intensity or HIIT?

Do whatever type you will STICK with, that is more important than the intensity IMO. Then do it a few times per week.

2.) I need new lifting advice...I've done high reps, then low reps, then circut training, then even a MMA workout suggested by Mens Fitness and nothing seemed to work. WHAT IS EVERYONE ELSE DOING THAT WORKS???

Low reps.

3.) How do I combine 1 & 2? When should I be focusing on cardio (aerobic) vs. lifting (anaerobic) or Cutting vs. Strength Training

Like #1, the best advice is finding a routine you'll stick with, some will preach fasted morning cardio - but if you can't get up in the morning that's no good. Others will preach, do it after your workout when glycogen stores are depleted, but if you are drained than that's no good either. Find a time that works for you...and STICK to it.

RE Cutting vs. Strength training, they really shouldn't be that different. High reps doesn't get you cut.

4.) Diet help. I eat healthy...but not very regulated...based on what other people have said to me I dont eat enough. Currently I have 4 small meals a day + 1 protein shake post workout. PLEASE HELP, WHAT SHOULD I BE EATING AND HOW OFTEN

You should be regulated, what I mean by that, is you should track your calories and macro nutrients for the next few weeks to really get an idea of what your baseline needs are. Then fine tune from there.

5.) How bad is alcohol? Coffee? what should I be watching out for that could disrupt my fitness quest?

IN SUMMARY: I want to be more cut, yet without having to sacrifice muscle. I'm frustrated because I read about all different advice and I would LOVE to have a proven workout regiment & diet that has helped someone else who has experienced my pain!

There are plenty of proven plans, but whatever one you do, you must be consistent.

What am I doing wrong??? Can someone please help me...or steer me in the right direction...I am beyond frustrated. I cant thank you enough~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are you doing wrong? It seems like you are suffering from the paralysis of analysis. Just go work hard and get lean.

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