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Default Need Advice Decreasing Body Fat - PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

Dear All,

I posted a couple years ago about being stuck at 12% body fat...Here I sit (almost 2 years later) with the same problem. I am unable to get my body to my desired goal of being lean. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?!?!?!

I'm getting VERY discouraged and becoming less and less motivated to work out when I'm not seeing any gains. I've been 5'9" 170lbs. I've got a solid build, some muscle definition but not cut.

Let me break it down for you all, honestly:

1.) I hate cardio (I find it REALLY boring)... how often do I have to do it? what, run, stairs? Low intensity or HIIT?

2.) I need new lifting advice...I've done high reps, then low reps, then circut training, then even a MMA workout suggested by Mens Fitness and nothing seemed to work. WHAT IS EVERYONE ELSE DOING THAT WORKS???

3.) How do I combine 1 & 2? When should I be focusing on cardio (aerobic) vs. lifting (anaerobic) or Cutting vs. Strength Training

4.) Diet help. I eat healthy...but not very regulated...based on what other people have said to me I dont eat enough. Currently I have 4 small meals a day + 1 protein shake post workout. PLEASE HELP, WHAT SHOULD I BE EATING AND HOW OFTEN

5.) How bad is alcohol? Coffee? what should I be watching out for that could disrupt my fitness quest?

IN SUMMARY: I want to be more cut, yet without having to sacrifice muscle. I'm frustrated because I read about all different advice and I would LOVE to have a proven workout regiment & diet that has helped someone else who has experienced my pain!

What am I doing wrong??? Can someone please help me...or steer me in the right direction...I am beyond frustrated. I cant thank you enough~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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