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Default The Trial of Dedication, a workout journal.

As my goals have shifted substantially and a good amount of time has passed, I think its time for a new Ďnew eraí journal. I have met most of my bulking goals, and my strength is improving by leaps and bounds. But, my metabolism is continuing to slow more and more, and itís quite discouraging. However I know of Much more I can be doing, and intend to redouble my efforts and focus singularly on my new goals (AckÖjust sneezed my oats all over my laptop!).

My high school weight was 195, with some muscle. My freshman year of college I gained 30 pounds! When I moved out of my freshman year room I threw away boxes to 7 different kinds of frozen cheese pizzaÖit took me 2+ years to finally hardcore cut and get back to 195, and since then I have bulked and became a very muscular 208, and now after 10 days in Hawaii Iím 214. I am driven to finally get lean, even though my metabolism is terribly slow and takes a ridiculously hardcore cut to lose the fat. 180 is my goal.

Current weight: 214 at 5í9ish height, waist is 36-38Ē
Goal weight: 180

My muscular goals at this time are just to enlarge my biceps, and otherwise just continue the general strength and fitness development of the rest of my body. Due to a lower back injury, some of this is somewhat limited at this time (no squats, deadlifts, hyperextensions, and other such movements). Above all, though, I wish to lose weight. I donít care if I donít gain any muscle in the next 6 months if I can lose weight, so cutting it is. I also donít lose muscle mass easily (strength and endurance go down but the bulk stays), so I can maintain a particularly singular focus here.

Because it tends to take such a hardcore cut (carb wise) for me, and while unemployed I just donít have the money to fully support the food I would need for that, I will be trying to just maintain a clean diet (but not an ultra clean nothing but veggies and meats type diet).

Breakfast will be my main carb meal outside of pre/post workout. Typical meals will consist of:

A: oatmeal with whey and peanut butter, fruit, milk.
B: two-three eggs on two pieces wheat toast, fruit, milk, maybe cheese.

Lunches and dinners will hopefully consist of meals modeled similarly to this:
-Chicken/steak/fish + broccoli + bit of fruit + bit of brown rice or equivalent + fish oil.

Snacks will be made of almonds, rice cakes, cottage cheese, and occasional sausages.

I will begin calorie counting soon to try to get a good hold on my diet.

The workout itself I have not decided on yet. I will be reviewing the fat burning workouts we have here and choose one/alter it. I intend to do 40 minutes of cardio every day Iím not lifting, and about 15-20 minutes after workouts. Cardio days will include some HIIT bike sprints (due to back I canít do the real thing right now).

I am driven to develop myself as an exceptional person, both physically and mentally. I will not be barred from this goal.
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