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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
Nah, according to that study Whey hydrosylates were best; then whole whey proteins, then BCAAs. Plus, I think it is risky to just have BCAAs post workout - you risk depletion of other essential aminos at this point.
For those of us who slept through chemistry class, please translate into layman's terms. I got it that whey hydosylates were best and the study stated "significantly" better. Can we then say it is 15.556% better than whey protein [(5.01 - 4.23)/5.01] = 15.556? Likewise, 21.7% better than bcaa, or is that an incorrect interpretation?

What I am trying to ascertain is how significant is the difference so we can weigh that with other real life factors such as cost, convenience, goals, etc.

Thanks for your help.
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