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Default Whey Hydrolysates and Glycogen

There was a really cool article that just came out. For some background

As we know protein appears to enhance glycogen storage after exercise, and it does so via two mechanisms.

1. Protein is insulinotropic meaning it stimulates insulin which activates PI3K and AKT and PKC which increase glycogen syntehsis and glucose transport
2. BCAAs appear to activate protein kinase C( PKC) independent of inslulin and this enhances glucose transport.

Thus if you are going maximize your post workout meal you need to maximize the BCAA content of the protein and the insulinotropic effect. The latter is effected by the digestibility of the protein and the former by the quality of the protein. The degree of digestability is effected by the solubility of the protein and the state that the protein is hydrolysized or pre digested into peptides.

The study on attatchment compared whey (water soluble) to whey hydrolysates, to casein hydrolysates(water insoluble) to bCAAs. Essentially the whey hydrolysates activated AKT, PKC, and increase glycogen storage more than all others when combined with glucose, and whey and BCAAs were tied for second. Take home message, whey hydrolysates is the way to go!
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