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Excellent topic, Gabe

I'm actually the exact same person this post is about. I train quite hard and diet hard as well but whenever I allow myself to refrain from dieting and training I get seriously out of shape!! I gain alot of fat, ALOT, and lose alot of muscle mass!!

It was funny when I wasn't familiar with my body, I started my cut cycle by increasing my carbs and decreasing my fats, only to notice im getting fatter

Then by experimenting I understood how it works and i can tell from personal experience that the plan of attack that Venom gave is awesome... although I'd say that a little bit, just a little bit of good carbs in the earlier times of the day can't be of much harm...

But again i think although we are ****ed by this nature of body ... i think it still has its pros. I think we lose fat quite fast...following an extremely low carb diet I went down from 220 lbs to 190 in no more than two months!!

Now although I know this is about cutting but I think how to add muscle for this type of bodybuilders is also a very important aspect.

IMO our holy grail of bodybuilding is optimizing adding muscle and losing fat at the same time without minimizing both of them! Which i felt is possible for my body i dont know if its everyone like me or its just me...

I know my point of view is away from what is indeed proven but i cant push away those set of thoughts that i decided to give this a shot for a month...

I'm thinking that through a low carb/high protein/high fat diet, I'm able to lose fat due to the low carb intake, and increase muscle mass due to the high protein intake, while fats and other supplements can be optimized for energy. I'm hoping, well not hoping im dreaming that i can gain muscle just like i do on bulks, and lose fat just like i do on cuts by taking the best of both worlds ... as opposed to adding muscle and alot of fats on bulk and losing fats and alot of muscles on cuts! Well yes thats what happens with me whatever i do!

I dont know I just feel this working I'm making an online order of whey, bcaa's, creatine, beta-alanine, citrulline, mct oil and omegas... I think these maybe very helpful and I'll be starting this kind of diet with very intense bulk type training and I'm looking to see how it works.

I know i'll be critiqued that this cant work but hell who's gonna lose we need to try to know what works!!!

I'll keep u guys updated!

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