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Originally Posted by Boddhisatva View Post
I am not sure I agree with natural selection being observable today. In humans most of our legislature goes to supporting those who would be "weeded out" by natural selection. We as a society are consistently supporting and trying to give a boost to lower classes and those who need our help. Even most animals survival is based on their interactions with humans. Panda's would be extinct if they weren't so freakin cute! From what I see around me, human society has largely become what used to be natural selection.

I am not saying that any of these programs are a bad thing, only that they seem to go against the idea of traits being selected by nature to be advantageous and thus ensuring survival.
I agree with this. As humans and having evolved into a very complex society with moral and social boundaries, we've developed a system where the weak survive very effectively.

That said, evolution/natural selection also takes THOUSANDS of years to occur (and is always an ongoing process). So now that we are a complex society which helps the weak, abnormal, whatever... evolution will take even longer.
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