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Wow, so this post went a little off topic. From an evolutionary standpoint, can we really say that we are less muscular? Do we have less potential to be muscular than we used to, or is it just a choice of lifestyle. I would definitely argue that evolution has increased our potential brainpower, but you would have a hard time convincing me that the physical shape of the common man is an evolutionary trait.

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if you saw someone in serious danger or possibly death, would you warn them or are you so cold that you would just walk by?
A guy once threw me out of the way of a bus and saved my life. Funny thing is I was standing in hotel lobby. I nonetheless thanked him and went about my day.
"Come on, Shake off the covers of this sloth," the master said,"for sitting softly cushioned, or tucked in bed, is no way to win fame; and without it man must waste his life away, leaving traces of what he was on earth as smoke in the wind and foam upon the water. Stand up! Dominate this weariness of yours with the strength of soul that wins in every battle if it does not sink beneath the body's weight"
~Dante Alighieri, The Inferno
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