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Originally Posted by rootb33r View Post
Really? You're really asking that?

Let's just say that you can go do your thing and waste your own time, while I live a perfectly happy and fulfilling life without wasting time reading scripture, attending church, and wasting my money on tithes to what is essentially a business.

Don't even get me ranting on the whole "church is a business" side of things.
Thats your perogitive, (did I spell that correctly?) I guess we will see who was right in the end. I dont think living my life trying to refrain from things that displease God is a waste. If anything, it is good. I doesn't bother me to avoid partying,drunkenness,hate,greed,lust,cursing,etc,e tc. I don't miss any of that, infact I despise all that and I am perfectly content. So I don't see my lifestyle as a waste. And I won't have any regrets when I'm old.

I rather enjoyed conversing with you, we do share a passion for bodybuilding so I hope we can continue to do so on other subjects! I certainly don't want any hostility between us cuz we disagree on this subject.
Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you.
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