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Originally Posted by GonnaGetBig View Post
As it stands right now I believe that God MAY have created animals through evolution but I'm not sold on humans. There is WAY to big of a gap between humans and everything else. You can say "well monkeys have DNA very close to humans...blah, blah" but take a look around you. No other species is even close to the same ballpark of the human race.

But what I don't get is why some people are so against creation. In my opinion the odds are WAY in favor of creation vs the theory of everything just being a random accident.

And I just don't understand why scientist will not even take creation into consideration but they will take just about any other off the wall GUESS from anyone who calls themselves a scientist. To me that is insanely closed minded and shows just how arrogant these scientist are.
Why won't scientists consider creation? Probably because it has no temporal merit. There is a book (or two, or whatever), that claims creation. And it's not like it's some logical way of creation, either... it's a giant, elaborate process that sounds like a Hollywood movie.

Hey, I don't judge people for believing... I'm surrounded by them. It pisses me off when I see people I love being brainwashed, but I don't try to mediate, nor do I judge them.

I had a woman say to me the other day "thank the good lord I haven't been laid off yet." Dubble-yoo-tee-eff??? Are you kidding me? You REALLY think that if there was a God he was watching out for you? Come on, there are billions of Christians in the world, many of whom face far more catastrophic fates than being laid off.

Originally Posted by rogjodoin
I take genesis literally in its description of creation. Evening and morning was one day. I believe it totally removes the theory of evolution.
No, we cant argue someone to Christ, ultimately it is the Holy Spirit that coverts people, but if I see someone in danger, I feel I must warn them. Then they can make their own decision.
Warn them from what, may I ask? The advent of god? Armageddon? I'm actually offended that you think that you have to warn people.

omigosh here it comes.
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