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Well this is an argument no one is going to win.

To me even IF evolution were true it does not prove the Bible wrong. No one knows how God decided to create and no one knows what a "day" is to God.

As it stands right now I believe that God MAY have created animals through evolution but I'm not sold on humans. There is WAY to big of a gap between humans and everything else. You can say "well monkeys have DNA very close to humans...blah, blah" but take a look around you. No other species is even close to the same ballpark of the human race.

But what I don't get is why some people are so against creation. In my opinion the odds are WAY in favor of creation vs the theory of everything just being a random accident.

And I just don't understand why scientist will not even take creation into consideration but they will take just about any other off the wall GUESS from anyone who calls themselves a scientist. To me that is insanely closed minded and shows just how arrogant these scientist are.

But you know to each his own I guess. You can not argue someone into believing in Christ so I'm not going to try to.

For me....I just don't trust anything but the word of God.
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