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Originally Posted by rogjodoin View Post
I believe(know) there is an adversary, an ememy of God, Satan, who hates us all and tries with all his might to deceive us, to make God look horrible and even fictional. Satan is the author of all the violence, greed hate,etc. Satan will even use the church and people who profess to be christians to make God and christianity seem perverted. God never intended it to be this way, but man rebelled againt God thus bringing sin and death into this world. Yes, He is a righteous Holy God who sends wrath and punishment for sin. Its called justice. But He is also a loving Father having made a way for us to be free from the wrath we so deserve.

If you look at Jeffersons statement from both sides of the coin, you can see that He is not saying that He does not believe, but that Because He does believe He holds a higher responsibility.

You are in my thoughts and prayers, Hoping you can find happiness in knowing the truth and therefore being free!
Am I an effigy of Satan? lol. I was a devil for Halloween once... it was fun

May I ask, if Satan brings violence, greed, and hate into this world... what does God do? Because he's never done ANYTHING that even remotely compares to the opposites of violence, greed, and hate.

Does that make sense? Violence, greed, and hate are all quantifiable, tangible things that we know happen and we know are terrible. What does God do to oppose/correct/compensate?

Miracles? Show me.
Appearances? I have more of a chance of winning the lottery than seeing a Mother Mary in my **** grilled cheese or in the bark of a tree and thinking it's the lord speaking to me.

Whatever god does that is right is so minuscule compared to what is wrong about religion, that it offers no definitive proof of his existence. Not even a sane argument.
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