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Originally Posted by rogjodoin View Post
Well, do you have a logical answer to my question? How is this an ignorant statement when the evolutionist are too ignorant to answer it? It is so logical and makes so much sense. Yet those who rebel against God and His Holy scripture will not even use creation as a possibility of origin. They totally dismiss it because it will prove itself correct. Of course, an atheist cant be proven wrong, that would injure his pride!

Please don't misunderstand me. I am not arguing against you, I just know beyond measure that God does exsist and the Bible is accurate. This has been revealed to me by God's Holy spirit. Ya, you may think thats weird, but unless you experiance it, you will never understand it. So I share the truth with all I can because I am passionate about it. The Bible says that God has put it in the heart of all men to know that He exsist. so therefore, we either choose to believe or we rebel against Him.

I choose to bow before Him now rather than after its too late!
The logical answer is that the evolution of ape into human took millions of years. We haven't been competent or coherent as a human race for long enough to witness the evolution of apes further. Besides, there are other exogenous factors at play which will change the previous evolutionary timeline; it won't happen again in the same fashion. Humans are a species of ape that has branched out so far that all intermediaries have been "Darwinised," for lack of a better phrase.

I actually love to be proven wrong because that is the most efficient way of learning. You never forget when you're wrong.

No offense (seriously, I'm not just ubiquitously saying that), but the only proof your people have is a bunch of nut-jobs running around claiming personal visits from one of the trinity.

I honestly don't understand how people can believe in religion (Christianity, yes, but this also applies to any religion). It seriously BOGGLES my mind.
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