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Originally Posted by Wizard24 View Post
I’ve also got to balk at the premise of this article. If muscle growth through increased testosterone lowers the immune system, then what is the effect of being overweight? Being obese is even more harmful to the immune system than being muscular, yet 50% of US adults are overweight or obese and this number continues to rise. This flies in direct contradiction to the evolutionary theory of “survival of the fittest”. People are fatter and less muscular now because they, for whatever reason, are choosing to be this way. Saying it is because of evolution just takes this responsibility away from the individual in my opinion.
Its like typical. We as humans love to play the blame game. Of course, eating wrong is not hard these days with all the misunderstood ingredients in our food. People need to become aware of what they are injesting. But, then again, most don't care. End the SAD(standard American diet)!
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