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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
In that line of thought, J. I think if you train your body right, then all you need are minor adjustments. For example, if you make your body very sensitive to insulin, leptin, etc. Then you don't need to bump your carbs from 100 to 600! All you need is to bump them a little and you'll get the maximal response. In fact, that is the definition of insulin sensitivity - the amount of insulin required to get half the maximal response. If you require less, you are more sensitive.
but venom, isn't going over caloric maintenance still the fundamental rule you must follow in order to gain muscle? and if you are very insulin sensitive, then techincally you will secrete LESS insulin per meal, so you have less of that anabolic hormone, and overtime less insulin = less igf-1, which is something I read elsewhere saying insulin and igf-1 directly related.

for being lean all of it seems to make sense, less insulin more of the other hormone (was it glucagon?) but for gaining I think we run into the problem of not having enough calories and potentially stifling the insulin response. I think that's why bottom line odds are no matter how clean you bulk you will still get fat?
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