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Originally Posted by klosey View Post
from what i can gather the potassium levels no not increase during pre contest, a few of the lads at the gym have told me to have bannana in my bag near contest time because the potassium will stop the muscles crapping, however not sure how acurate that is
thanks klosey. I would believe it's true as I used to incorporate a banana and extra water my cramps would stop. I used to cramp up after I ran the 800m back in high school every single time. once I did the sodium banana + some water it never came back.

I was just thinking potassium might have a direct effect on cell volumization that would be important for pre-contest loading, or even just day to day exercising. potassium is supposed to be higher in muscle, and it should pull water along with it into the muscle. More water in the cell should equate to more anabolism and more strength as I read...
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