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Originally Posted by br295 View Post
Just my take on this....let's take out all the photo edit, air brush, etc. and add a real untouched, no plastic surgery or surgery enhanced body in any way.....100% total Natual woman. I know that females do not bulk up in mass muscle as men do, think most women that have done their research into body building have come to realize that. I also know that I have a dang good body to be at the age I am or for that matter any age. That is what I am working my tail off for is to keep it that way.

Always room for improvement in anyone and i do not eat, drink, body building 24/7....just trying to take care of what God gave me. 100% per natural born and grown in the USA female and dang proud of it!! Oh yes add to that...born in the USA and Southern by the grace of God!
i agree on the air brush but i have seen michele without make up on at a show and she is just as stunning without make up, it also doesnt take into account how photogenic people are, some people look great in photos but not real life, one of my friends is the opposite, in real life she is stunning but always looks rough on photos lol
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