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Default Question about the precontestweek Article by Jacob!


I'm still reading through this rather interesting, though scientific article. I have noticed after scanning the entire article there is no mention of potassium, although there is plenty mention of sodium..

I do understand the basics that sodium osmolarity causes water retention extracellularly, but I also heard elsewhere that potassium causes the muscle cell to uptake water since potassium is generally in the muscle.

as an aside, i've noticed whenever I increase my potassium (maybe just 750-1000 mg a day from a banana and some spinach), I lose weight very rapidly, about 1->1.5 lbs in the form of water overnight. I figure it's a diuretic, but I can't figure out where that water is coming from, in the muscle? outside the muscle? too good to be true if it's extracelullary water only. BTW, I eat a very high salt diet, probably about 4 grams a day being it's my offseason.
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