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Originally Posted by Ben2285 View Post
Excellent Job Jer! Big fan of the article, I was looking for a thorough review like this!

I have always wondered this with occlusion though:

What about raising intensity? Surely adaptation will take place in response to occlusion training, but after the initial stressor wouldn't you need to continue to increase weight to keep seeing benefit? Basically just like the need of progressive overload in normal resistance training.
if you stick with training with the percentages i think the progression would take care of its self. for instance, if you are training squat month#1 and your max is around 200...then when you would use occlusion with squat, you would be working with 60 pounds if you were using 30% lets say a couple months later your squat is up to you would use 75 in a way you have progressed.

if you are referring to solely training with occlusion and progression, without the inclusion of heavy resistance training...then i think yes, you would slightly increase the weight overtime...much of the research into training progression is done with increasing the amount of pressure used, but using elastic knee wraps, it would be hard to gauge that...i would say, very slow, slight adjustments in weight over months...did that answer the question?
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