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Originally Posted by NJI View Post
Pullups, pullups, pullups, pullups, more pullups.. all different kinds. Bent over bb rows with switched grip (palms facing away). Widegrip latbar pulldown burnouts. Pullovers on a decline with barbells, dumbbells, everything/anything different angles, different arm positions (straight/bent).
Yeah, man!

My only exercises for back other than deadlifts, and once in a while rows (mostly for rear delt) are pullups and pullovers.

Its like the press and fly for the chest.

Pullups, you can achieve a deep stretch if you actually go all the way to teh bottom(most people dont) and if you arch your back at the top, a full contraction! best of both worlds!

And the pullover, like the fly, can effectively hit your lat muscles while not taxing your biceps! and provide a very good stretch.
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