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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Can you tell us what you did on your way from 205-210 to 168?
Originally Posted by Link View Post
How'd the tryout for WWE go? I always wondered how people got into that
Basically these two questions can be answered together. In 2004 I dislocated my should twice while wrestling, I made the hard decision to take some time off and rehabilitate. When to physical therapy for two months, shoulder felt like new. Got myself up to 205-210, went to Louisville, KY to tryout and on the third and final day during the last drill I dislocated it again, the only difference was this time it wouldn't go back in, because I had strengthened the muscle so much during PT. Long story short I ended up tearning my labrum completely, had a surgery, didn't get better, got into a car accident messed up my hip and lower back, got a second surgery on my shoulder. I was really depressed in chronic pain, starting living really unhealthy, turned to alcohol, got up to 211 unhealthy pounds. Then one day I drank to the point that I was blacked out for 8 straight hours, woke up vomiting blood, my wife saved my life that night, the next day I dedicated my life to Christ. Started living healthy, lost the majority of the bad weight, couldn't lift heavy yet because the shoulder, so that explains how I went from 200's to the 160's.

Originally Posted by Commander View Post
I saw the calves in your journal, but any pictures of the wheels?
Yeah I'll get some up soon, should of took some after my workout tonight, killed my quads.

Thanks for the input guys, my back is definitely my number 1 priority, not going to stop until I have wings.
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