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Yesterday was day 4 of my reduced carb diet and I have been getting slightly leaner. On sunday and tue I had 2 zero carb meals. On monday and wed I had only dinner as a zero carb meal.


Breakfast is high carb- (69 carbs)
10 oz of skim milk (14 carbs)
1 scoop of protein powder (o carbs)
bananna (30 carbs)
oatmeal (25 carbs)

Snack- (low carb) (18)
10 oz skim milk (14 carb)
Peanuts (4 carb)

Lunch- (med carb) (45)
Chicken and Vegetable stir fry (0 carb because I do no count veg)
Apple- (20 carb)
Oatmeal (25 carb)

Preworkout- (low carb) (15)
1 serving protein powder
1 serving gatorade powder (15 carb)

Postworkout- (high carb) (60 carbs)
4 scoop gatorade powder (60 carb)
1.5 scoop whey (0 carb)

Dinner- (2 carb)
This varies by day but this was yesterday
Tuna (0 carb)
Peas (0 carb)
2 eggs (0 carb)
1/2 serving of peanuts (2 carb)

Night- (12 carbs)
4 oz of 2% milk
4 oz of skim milk (12 carb)
1 serving protein powder (0)

Daily totals (according to fit day)
2,212 cal
238 carb (42%)
234 protein (42%)
40 fat (16%)

Feel good so far. It is less calories than I am used to but energy is fine and no cravings to go eat a pizza or anything . I still wanna step up the cardio some more though.
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