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Default Diet for obese vs. lean individuals - insulin sensitivity

I've been pondering this idea all day, and I wanted to run it by you guys, see what you think.

Ok, we all know that insulin can be a pretty powerful hormone to manipulate both for fat loss and muscle gain. So a lot of diets today focus on spiking insulin post workout, or carb cycling, etc.

But here is the thing: there is a lot of evidence that obese individuals are resistant to a lot of hormones and their effects on the body. Examples:

1. Insulin resistant
2. Leptin resistant
3. Blunted thermic response to food consumption (related to insulin resistance)


Now, there are a lot of bodybuilders who for one reason or another, allow themselves to get obese, or really out of shape. In this condition, I'd say they are probably in similar metabolic shape.

Either way, here is what I am wondering: for people like this, should our complete focus for the start of their diet be to work on improving their sensitivity to hormones?

Basically what I am thinking is that for these people, you would basically want to eliminate insulin and provide factors which improve metabolic abnormalities. Examples:

1. ALL carbs come from veggies or high fiber grains
2. No sugars - even post workout.
3. Healthy fats (omegas, mct oils, etc.)
4. higher protein diet
5. exercise

Now, once these metabolic abnormalities are corrected, then you can slowly start to implement things like sugars post workout, or carb up days periodically? My theory is that if you start of with sugar, or carb cycles, it is only going to exacerbate the abnormalities, because they are resistant to these hormones.

What do u think?
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