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Originally Posted by superbilt

2) Speed DL-(not fast enough)
345 8x3

I am wondering, is the speed referring more to the fact that you only get 90 seconds rest? Just a thought.

I, of course, try to pull it as fast as possible too, but by set 8 it just isn't moving very fast as massive fatigue is setting in.

Dynamic Effort which is pull it as fast as possible. But that is not very fast after you lift heavy and are tired.

Originally Posted by superbilt

I am not circuiting the assistance exercises. I do 3 sets of bb rows then 3 sets of rdl. The I alternate the chins and goodmornings.



Joking aside, any reason for the switch? In week 5, it switches to straight sets when the program adds in the power shrugs.

Convience (sucks changing all that weight and setting it up) and I can use more weight.
Originally Posted by superbilt
Today's lesson washing machines are heavy and have no where to grip it.

Good lesson, I hope to learn more from you each day, lol!

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