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This is a cool topic, Gabriel and I got invited to write a paper on Beta-Alanine for the Strength and conditioning Journal. Anyway on doses from our research we felt that athletes should consume at least 6.4 grams per day, divided into small 0.8 gram doses throughout day. Dosing should be spaced in a minimum of 3 hour intervals so as to avoid negative flushing effects. It may also be wise to pyramid the dosage, starting from lower (3.2 g*day) during the first week, to moderate (4.8) during the second week, to higher (6.4) the remainder of the supplemental period . The dosing schedule is again based on avoiding the flushing effects of the supplement For example Harris et al. found that a single 3.2 gram bolus of beta-alanine resulted in a flushing sensation characterized by a skin deep *****ly, irritating reaction which radiated from the ears, scalp, upper trunk and finally, the base of the spine. While lower in severity, these symptoms were still present at half the dosage but were only mild and experienced by 25 % of participants at 0.8 gram servings.

In terms of it being more effective than creatine I have heard people say this, but in reality both supplements work through different mechanisms.

Creatine works at least energetically by extending the short term ATP-PC system (0-10 seconds all out work) while beta-alanine works to enhance buffering capacity and thus blunt the fatiguing effects of glycolysis.

But one has to wonder as WillworkforAndro has pointed out, do we as bodybuilders really want an agent that causes a less acidic environment if perhaps that acidity in part underlies the hypertrophy response?
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