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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
1. I think this is a valid point. One thing I want to say about less utilization of aminos with whey: just because amino acids gets oxidized, does not mean it did not have a physiological effect on the body prior to oxidation. My lab constantly points this out. The entire RDA is based on maximizing efficiency - the point of intake at which amino acid oxidation starts to rise. But we know that the benefits of amino acids on satiety and muscle growth DO NOT occur until they go beyond this point. So while you would like to maximize effeciency, it is not everything.
True, so wouldn't this be important for people who are using whey as their primary protein source whilst cutting? During my recent cut, I was relying heavily on whey due to its caloric efficiency at raising MPS. Had I timed my carbs/fats properly with the whey, I would have maximized MPS while maintaining a calorie deficit.
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