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Default Optimizing Muscle Protein Synthesis

The new manuscript from Layne Norton's lab peaked my interest in raising MPS. I figure if we are going to the trouble of ensuring proper leucine intake and timing, we should try to get the most from it. So far I have come across two studies I feel relate to the subject. I just wanted to see what others thought of the studies and if my analysis was correct.

STUDY 1: The effects of non-protein energy supplements on muscle protein synthesis during feeding and fasting

This may help explain why taking whey alone results in an incomplete protein utilization despite whey's high BV. Pairing whey with carbs (such as PWO) or fats will ensure better absorption and also help maintain MPS longer.

STUDY 2: Antioxidant Supplementation Restores Defective Leucine Stimulation of Protein Synthesis in Skeletal Muscle from Old Rats

I believe that oxidative stress shown in the older rats parallels the stress athletes induce on a regular basis. By eating a proper diet or supplementing with antioxidants, we can optimize the MPS response of leucine.
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