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Default Apr. 21

Leg Ext: 180X12, 195X12, 210X12, 225X12

Smith Machine Front Squats: 2PX12, 2P+10'sX12, 2P+1/4'sX12, 4PX9

DB Sumo Squat: 60X12, 70X12, 90X12, 110X12

Abductor Machine: 110X12, 120X12, 130X12, 140X12

Weighted Behind-the-Back Dips: PX12, 2PX12, 3PX12, 3PX12

Tricep Pushdowns: 130X12, 140X12, 150X12, 170X8

Reverse Grip Single Arm Pushdowns: 45X12, 50X12, 55X10, 60X8

Bentover Single Arm Cable Extensions: 30X12, 35X12, 40X10, 45X8

Rope Crunches: 100X15X3

Cable Oblique Crunches: 110X10X3 per side

Had a great workout today, felt good to be back in the comfort of my gym. Quads went well today, never done front squats before because of the awkwardness of keep the bar in place, enjoyed how deep I could get on them, just looking for a better way to keep the bar in place. Started off really low on the sumo squats because I hadn't done these either, since my gym maxes out on db's at 120, I'll be focusing more on BB squats with a wide stance and toes pointed outward in the future. My tricep workout was awesome, haven't had a good one like this in some time. I had been experiencing some discomfort and popping in my left elbow lately mostly during triceps, so I avoided the movements that cause it. The dips were phenomenal, if I had a spotter I would of thrown another plate on my lap, but as it was I was having a difficult time balancing 3 while repping out. Time to put on some lean mass, working towards 200.
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