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Default Apr. 11

Widegrip Pullup: BWX15, 5X15, 10X10, 10X8, 5X8

T-Bar Rows: 2PX15, 3PX15, 3PX15,4PX10, 4PX10

BB Rows: 135X15, 135X15, 145X12, 145X12, 150X10

Chinups: BWX12X5

Deadlifts: 365X6 PR, 335X6, 315X6

Hanging Knee Raises: BWX15X2

Rope Crunches: 110X15X2

Cable Woodchoppers: 70X15X2

20 mins of moderate intensity cardio on eliptical

Felt great after this back workout, despite everything that was going on around me in the gym. Saturday mornings are becoming unbearable at my gym, sorry I must vent. Today I saw Lat Pulldowns that consisted of the bar being pulled all the way down to the pelvic bone, saw too many elderly people jerking the lat bar behind their necks. Then some dude leaves his 7-8 son unattended while he messes around w/ equipment, this guy would walk to the other side of the gym and not even care where his son was! I spent the majority of the time as a spectator of the king of bad form who would bounce the weight off his sternum during bench press, and managed to incorporate a full body movement on DB front raises and DB curls. I wouldn't say I was annoyed as much as I feel concerned for their safety. Anyhow, like I said great workout, feeling strong, back feels great working towards that ultimate goal of having wings.
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