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Default Apr. 6

All Quad exercises were done w/ 30 sec rest between sets

Leg Extensions: 225X10, 210X12, 195X12, 185X15, 150X20

Leg Press: 12PX12, 12PX12, 10PX15, 10PX15

Hack Squats: 4PX15, 4PX15, 2PX20, 2PX20

Sissy Squats: 30X10, 25X12, 10X15, BWX20
Seated Overhead Dumbell Ext: 15X12, 20X12, 25X12, 30X12

ss w/

EZ Bar Curls: 55X12, 65X12, 75X12, 80X12

Overhead Cable Extensions: 90X12, 100X12, 110X12, 120X12

ss w/

Incline DB Curls: 20X12, 25X12, 25X12, 30X12

Reverse Pushdowns: 120X12, 130X12, 140X12, 150X12

ss w/

Preacher Curls: 75X12, 75X12, 75X12, 75X12

Rope Pushdowns: 50X12, 55X12, 60X12, 70X12

ss w/

50X12, 55X12, 60X12, 70X12

Quad workout was extremely intense today, by time I hit the hack machine I was struggling. Though my quads were looking insane in the mirror during the sets, just got to keep up the hard work. Arms will be hit again on Friday, as the current phase of my program has them twice a week for the next few weeks. Tomorrow will be hamstrings, forearms, and core.
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