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Default Apr. 3

Standing Strapped Dumbbell Shrugs: 95X8, 105X6, 110X6, 120X4

Reverse Incline Dumbbell Shrugs: 65X10, 70X10, 75X10

Reverse Barbell Shrugs ss w/ Barbell Shrugs & Concentric Shrugs: 3XFailure 250, 250, 225

Thera Band Neck Raises: 3X30

Standing Isolated 1-Handed Lateral Raises: 15X12, 20X12

Barbell Upright Rows (wider grip): 90X10, 100X8, 110X6, 120X4

Smith Machine Military (bar brought down only to chin): 2PX8, 2P+1/4's X8, 2P+1/4's + nickles X6

Seated Lateral Raises (Triple drop, 1st 2 weights failure, last weight held for 30 sec): 25/15/5 X3

Vertical Dumbbell Presses (3X10 w/ partial reps): 45

Later in the day cardio: 20X20 sec sprints on eliptical

Great shoulder workout, feeling good, really widening my upper half. Unfortunately due to my surgery my left delt isn't developing as quick as my right, so I'll be spending some quality time, strengthening and targeting it in general. Differently kind of cardio today, loved it, got a good sweat going, hopefully burned some fat in the progress.

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