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Default whey protein Whey concentrate metabolism in healthy males

A sponsored study.

Here are some of my "punderings" :

- I would like to see an unsponsored study.

- The study was performed on guys with no ambition in bodybuilding, or at least not many had it. Protein utilization might be higher in athletes than in regular people.

- How other macronutrients affect utilization of protein - having whey in a shake with some oats, nuts, fruits etc.

- See how protein blend utilizes.

- Most of proteinpowders right now have digestive enzymes, they used the one that did not have any (Control WPC contained no proteolytic enzymes) or they do they just refer to their kind of enzymes.

- There are studies done showing that protein is utilized pretty good post workout. While the environment is completely different, utilization shouldn't be THAT WORSE during other times.
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