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Default Apr. 1

DB Incline: 60X8, 65X8, 70X8, 75X8, 80X8

BB Bench: 185X10, 185X10, 185X8, 185X8

Decline DB Flys: 30X12, 35X10, 40X8

BB Incline: 135X8, 145X8, 155X8

Widegrip BB Rows: 135X10, 135X10, 145X8, 155X8

Widegrip Pullups: BW 3XFailure

Straight Arm Pushdowns: 70X10, 80X10, 90X6

Widegrip Pulldowns: 2X20 w/ fascial stretching

Really feeling it in my chest right now, I know my weak areas on my body and I'm attacking them hard I refuse to lose this war. Gained a couple pounds over the last month as well. Here's log of my progress over the past several months.

Nov. 4: 176.4
Dec. 4: 179.10
Jan. 1: 183.10
Feb. 2: 185.4
Mar. 2: 186.6
Apr. 1: 188.10

Continuing my journey towards a lean 200, I have a picture on my computer from last April in which I weighed 168 lbs, I use it as motivation, I'll be posting that as well as a current pic in the pic section soon.
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