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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
It increased aromatase by 60%!!! So while part of it may be due to weight loss, it definitely lowers test by other mechs.

I definetly agree this must be done in people. Especially in bodybuilders/weightlifters. Should use it for 8 weeks and see how it effects muscle, fat, and performance.

While I don't know the dose dependent effect, I know I was mega dosing before. So I am pretty freaked!

No [muscle-tech] about that bro! I think I'm averaging around 4 cups of tea daily. Heck, I have it in my protein shakes.

But as the old saying goes, everything is good in proportion (in moderation it is I think, but proportion sounds better). Ask Markus Rhul
To be stimulated into growing, a muscle fiber must not only be recruited, but also exhausted. - Vladimir Zatsiorsky

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