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Originally Posted by Ordo Ab Chao View Post
what team/club do you train? How long have you been with them?
I dont want to say too much as I like to have a certain degree of internet anonymity. So I wont name the specific teams. If you really know your rugby and want more specifics, you can drop me a PM.

I am based in Ireland where rugby is one of the biggest sports.

Last season I worked as a part-time strength coach (just in the gym) with a professional side. It was especially exciting as we won the European Cup (the biggest competition) in that season. I am not working with that team this season. The same season I was also working part-time with a semi-professional club side who I am continuing to work with this season. That is more of a strength AND conditioning job. I do a lot of work with them in the gym but also alot of sports specific fitness stuff on the field. I work alot with players comign back from injury too, which I really enjoy. Last season we got promoted into the top division which was fantastic but this season we are struggling a little, hopefully we will have enough to stay in the top division but relegation is a possibility.
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