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Default Mar. 31

Lying Leg Curls: 100X12, 110X12, 120X12, 130X12, 140X12, 150X12

SLDL: 225X10, 250X10, 300X10

Standing Leg Curls: 40X12, 50X12, 60X12

Leg Press (High and Wide): 10PX12, 12PX12, 14PX12

Hammer Curls: 30X6, 40X6, 50X6

Reverse Grip Cable Curls w/ 3 negatives: 100X6, 110X6, 120X6

Wide Grip BB Curls: 95X6, 100X6, 105X6

Seated DB Incline Curls: 30X6, 35X6, 40X6

Hanging Knee Raises: 3X10

ss w/

Standing Cable Rope Crunches: 3X10

ss w/

Cable Oblique Crunches: 3X10

Felt great to get a good hamstring workout in today, looking forward to this new split, we'll see what results it yields. Tomorrow I'll be doing my monthly weigh in, we'll see where I'm at.
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