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Default Mar. 30

Leg Extensions: 150X20X3

Leg Press: 8PX12, 10PX12, 12PX12, 14PX12

Squats: 245X6, 235X6, 225X6, 225X6

DB Lunges: 50X8, 50X8, 55X8, 55X8

Leg Extensions: 225X10, 225X10, 210X10, 210X10

Reverse Grip Bench: 135X6, 145X6, 155X6

Reverse Grip Pushdowns: 140X6, 150X6, 160X6

Tricep Pushdowns: 130X6, 150X6, 155X6

1-Arm Overhead DB Extensions: 20X6, 30X6, 35X6

Switched things up a bit with my routine for a couple reasons.
1. I don't believe my hamstrings and glutes are getting worked to their potential. I usually train them w/ quads and by time I get to them the motivation isn't there. So I've moved them to their own day so they can receive my undivided attention.
2. I want bigger arms, plain and simple, you know the old saying, you want bigger arms then squat. Now I can blast my legs and hit my upper body as well. This also allowed me to stretch my quads out between arm sets hopefully decreasing the DOMS tomorrow.

This is a test trial, I like it so far I'm really motivated about hitting hamstrings this week, so we'll see how it goes.
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