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Originally Posted by niggles View Post
when abouts do you train? which is your pre and post workout meal?
always in the afternoon, usually about 4-6pm depending on when i get home for that day. if i'm feeling well fed i'll just down a shake then go at it, and my 5th meal would be the post work out meal (shortly after the post-wo shake).

on the days where i come home hungry i'll slam a shake and eat some carbs, then get into a workout, another shake and another meal afterwards, followed by the oatmeal at 9pm.

Originally Posted by Commander View Post
You are eating healthy foods already, just eat more of them don't make it complicated and don't eat the Big Mac. If your progress stalls, then figure out a way to increase your calories by 250-500 or so and monitor it for a week or two to see if you start gaining again.
Haha, alright man. Thanks. I just got some fat free popcorn so I'll be fitting that in there somewhere.
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