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Default Mar. 27

Seated DB Shrugs: 65X20, 70X20, 80X16

ss w/

Static Cable Shrugs (30 sec holds ea. wt): 205/155, 215/165, 225/175

Concentric Hack Machine Hiss Shrugs: 4PX10, 4P+1/4sX10, 6PX10

Smith Machine Behind-the-Back shrugs: 4 plates + 1/4'sX10, 4 plates + 35'sX8, 6 plates X6, 6 plates + 1/4's X4

Neck Curls 3X30: 50lbs

Seated Military Press: 100X8, 115X6, 125X4, 135X4

Dumbbell Upright Rows: 30X12, 40X10, 50X8

Low Cable Rope Front Raises 3X10: 30, 40, 50

Neutral Grip Incline Press w/ twist: 80X4, 75X6, 70X8

Front Barbell Raises: 35X15, 40X12, 45X10

Went to war against my shoulders today, I think I won, we'll see tomorrow. Had the day off from work, spent the majority studying for my math midterm. Got to be the weakest subject, I feel like I could score A's in any course, but math and programming.
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