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Originally Posted by niggles View Post
whats you best body part and what do you owe it too?
Can I name a couple bodyparts? Nothing really stands out.

Calves - I attribute this to good genetics (I don't even train them now except for jump rope) and wanting to be Michael Jordan from about 1990 to 1999. I spent those 9 years of my life (age 11 to 20) trying to jump higher and higher which likely helped my calve development.

Back - hard work, for years back was my favorite workout to do. My pictures don't do it full justice, but when I see my back in the mirror I think it is pretty defined with a decent build to it.

Best bodypart prediction for the future - Quads - why? Smolov. My quads have definitely grown and I know I will run this program again in the future thus translating to even bigger quads.

Originally Posted by niggles View Post
what is you best accomplishment? (excluding your family which is probably already a taken )
Physically - I was involved in an intramural basketball in college (probably 1999). I had dunked several times goofing around with buddies, but never in a game. Well, I finally had my chance, ball gets tipped down court, and I got a jump on it and no one was around me (if there was a defender even close I would NEVER have been able to do it!) so I was able to approach the hoop just right (good angle, good speed) and I went up in the air......and DUNKED it during a game! It was an awesome rush! My adrenaline was jacked up for probably 30 minutes after that, I couldn't contain myself.

Life - Keeping my marriage intact (although God gets most of the credit for this!)

God was my source of strength through all of the trials I am about to describe. You guys already read how life with my first child started. Well, since I was 8 years old (back in 1987), I had been addicted to pornography. My wife knew that I looked at pornography in college but she didn't let it bother her because it was college and she wanted to be a "cool" girlfriend (man I wish we knew better). What she didn't know, was that I continued to look at it (she never knew it was an addiction) even after we were married. My addiction continued after I had given my life to Christ in September of 2002 and I last looked at pornography in March 2005.

To make matters worse, my wife cheated on me with the guy she had met in the summer camp in 1999, the one from England. First time, she flew to England to "visit" her friends (she has several English friends from that summer camp), what I didn't realize at the time was that she was mostly going to see the one guy. This occured in about 2003. It eventually came out, and we talked it over and I forgave her. In November of 2006 (I think, the dates don't really matter), my wife went to see a friend in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. What I didn't know was that her English friend was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the same time. She went on a side trip to Philadelphia and cheated on me again.

In spite of the cheating and pornography, my wife and I have made our marriage work. I still trust my wife, was it broken temporarily? Yes, but I trust her again and she trusts me. We forgave each other for the horrible things we did to each other. Marriage seems to be treated so lightly in today's society, we had EVERY excuse to end our marriage and be selfish. But we love each other and made vows to each other before God and we are honoring those vows.

James 1:16-17 ESV
Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights
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