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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Is your 8 year old child actually yours?

I don't know. You see, my wife and I met in college (University of Pittsburgh) in 1998. We started dating September 18, 1998. Things were going well, until my wife (obviously, she was just my girlfriend at the time) went to a summer camp as a counselor. There she met someone else, actually 2 someone elses (is that proper grammar "elses"). The 1 she actually liked and the other was more of a fling for her. She breaks up with me during that summer and eventually summer is over and fall semester starts 1999. The 1 guy she actually liked is from England, the "fling" guy lived in North Carolina. Early in the fall semester my wife and I are coping as friends and I am finally coming to terms with the break up. One day, she decides on a whim to drive to North Carolina to see her "fling" from camp. Shortly thereafter (literally a few days), she realizes that she actually cares for me and we end up back together. Unfortunately, I wasn't a Christian at the time and my wife and I had sex even though we weren't married. However, she just had sex with the North Carolina guy a few days prior. My 8 year old was conceived at this time. My wife and I were actually convinced for awhile duing the pregnancy that it was not mine as we tried to exactly pinpoint the time of conception. It didn't matter to me, I was going to be there for her to help her raise this boy. She did notify the North Carolina guy because he deserved to know since we thought the baby was his. He NEVER returned the call. At the time, DNA tests were expensive and we could not afford to have one. At this point it doesn't matter, the other man showed no interest and I have loved this child since day 1. He is my son. As the years have gone by, God has blessed us and he has attributes that definitely seem to have come from me.
sounds like a tricky situation that you have handled well, my last gf and her brother had different fathers and they always said to me blood only makes a father its the things you do from birth that determines who is their dad