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Default Mar. 26

Calves: Week 4

Leg Extension Tibialis: 3XFailure, last set 30 seconds of partial reps

Hanging Knee Raises: BW 3X12

ss w/

Rope Crunches: 100X12X3

Hyperextensions: PlateX12X3

ss w/

Oblique Crunches on Hyperextenion: 3X12

All I can say is I'm glad this week is finally over at work, one of those weeks that you just want to put behind you, couldn't have come at a worse time with midterms this week, and being too exhausted to study. My calves were burning light no other today, found myself walking around with some impressive veins. Gotta start studying for my math midterm, I strongly dislike math, can't wait to get over this hump in my education.
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