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Default Mar. 25

Dips: 10X12, 15X10, 20X8, 25X6

Incline DB Flies: 30X15, 35X12, 40X10

Decline BB Pause Press: 135X10, 145X8, 155X6

Rotary Chest Machine: 130X12, 145X10, 160X8, 175X6

ss w/

Pec Fly Machine: 100X12, 100X10, 100X8, 100X6

Behind the Back wrist Curls: 4XFailure

ss w/

Reverse Wrist Curls: 4XFailure

Best set of dips I've ever felt on my chest, great stretch. Got one more day of work this week, which is great this schedule is wearing me down, Friday I got a midterm that I'll be spending the day studying for, sometimes I want to rip my hair out.
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